Morocco 2002

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Lucy-Jo, Darren & Roz's Discovery, Steve & Vanessa's Range Rover at services off the A3 near Milford

Lined up waiting to enter the docks at Portsmouth

Ready to go after a nights rest in the middle of Spain

The Arc de Triumph at the ruined Roman city of Volubolis

Vegetables at the typical moroccan market at Ouazzane

Buying steak at the market at Ouazzane

Stop to admire the view and buy momentos at a roadside stall


The lunch stop on day two in Morocco put a lump in my throat. Tranquil

This is what I came on this trip for!


Around every corner was another stunning view up in the High Atlas mountains

The photo's just can't do these views justice

I could have taken rolls and rolls of film with views like this

Our campsite at 6000ft in the Cedar Forest was as cold as it was beautiful

Lucy-Jo pauses to admire the view

No time to stop for photos on these winding mountain tracks

The convoy winds its way through the valleys

The lunch stop on day three was near this well engineered little bridge

This sign warns of roadworks - I think!

The scenery becomes less green as we drive south

We're getting nearer to the snow capped mountains now

The "dried up" river bed wasn't. Darren splashes along

We carried fire wood as we were expecting to camp above the tree line

This was fun off-roading

We came round the corner to this gorgeous view of freshwater Lake Itzer at 7000ft

Lake Itzer early in the morning

The auberge we stayed at overlooking lake Itzer

The view from 9500ft down the Todra Gorge was stunning. The photo doesn't really convey the vertical drop. Gulp!

Driving down the hairpin track with white-knuckle drops

Tinehir from the nearby 300ft hill

Near the top of the Todra Gorge

Lucy-Jo got dusty down the Todra Gorge

The landscape gets drier and dustier

Winding through a small oasis

There are trees in some parts of the desert

Even the good tarmac roads have gaps to keep you on your toes

The local bus!

The Trailmasters truck got tired (sorry!)

The cracks show why rock don't make good axle stands

Looking over Tinehir

The view from a hill half a mile from the campsite just outside Tinehir

A brief stop to admire the panorama

Left to Squiggle or right to Wiggle? We turned right....

The convoy making fresh tracks across the desert

The picturesque oasis campsite at Meski

Lucy-Jo at 6200ft in the Sierra Nevada mountains (Spain)

There was snow at 6200ft in the Sierra Nevada mountains

It was a long way up, so Lucy-Jo takes a short well deserved break before descending