Twin Electric Fans

Electric FansA mate of mine (Hello Eddie!) was breaking a VM Diesel engined Rover SD1. I had the twin electric cooling fans from it. As the space where I wanted to fit the fans in front of the radiator on my Landy was a little bit too narrow, I had to grind off the welds which held one of the fans onto the frame. I then moved the fan along the frame about 2 inches closer to the othe fan. The two fans would now strike one another when running, so I replaced the short bolts that held the fan onto the frame with longer bolts. Now the fans still overlap, but one is slightly in front of the other.

Electric FansIt was a suprisingly simple job to make the fans fit nicely.

Originally I did use a thermostatic switch from a Kenlowe fan kit to operate the fans, but sadly the switch packed up after being jet washed once too often. I now just have a simple on/off switch to operate the fans.

One fan was mounted overlapping the other using long boltsI did remove the engine driven fan for a while and just switched on the electric fans to push air through the radiator when necessary, but I refitted the mechanical fan as it is a simple reliable system and I don't think the costs savings of removing the mechanical fan are worth while. I've experience engine damage through a long term overheating problems and I now want peace of mind!

The fans slowly windmill around in the breeze when you are driving along - which I think looks good! I might paint them an eyecatching colour or put a small light source behind them so they show up when driving in the dark.